At The Donaldson Organization, safety comes first in everything we do. We make no compromises in respect to employee safety. Every project has common goals: to remain 100% free of injuries, reduce exposure to safety risks, and protect everyones property during construction. All of our employees receive rigorous safety training and our Safety and Project Management team visits every site frequently to ensure that proper procedures and protocols are being met.
This translates into a safe work environment and dedicated craftsmen who feel good about coming to a safe work environment each day.

  • Members of the Building Trades Employers Association Safety Committee (affiliated with Walls & Ceiling and AWCI)
  • All of our field employees are currently DOB Local Law 196 Site Safety compliant.
  • All of our Foreman are DOB Local Law 196 Supervisor Site safety compliant
  • We have developed a quarterly Safety Week Program that includes safety stand-downs that include relevant safety topics. Raffle giveaways (prizes and cash) lunch and breakfast for all involved
  • New hire orientation
  • Weekly tool-box-talks
  • Pre Task Safety Plans Daily
  • Quarterly Safety Committee meetings comprised of trade representatives, Safety Manager, Superintendents, and the Executive Vice President
  • Company-wide equipment inspections
  • Cordless tools (fewer trip hazards)


Recent advancements in hard hat design include; stronger, lighter shell materials, redesigned fastening and fitting capabilities.

  • During any fall incident (slips, trips and falls from the same level, falls from ladders, falls from wall forms, etc.) the current hard hat is prone to fall off a workers head prior to impact because of the tendency for the head to snap backwards, leaving the head exposed when protection is most needed.
  • Traditional hard hats have a tendency to fall off when a worker is bending forward or looking up.
  • Traditional hard hats have no high density foam liner to absorb impact to the top, sides, front and rear of an employees head.
  • The suspension system in the V Gard is antiquated.
  • There is no integral chinstrap to keep the head protection in place in the event of a fall, while leaning over or looking up.


The Donaldson Organization conducts Safety Week, where the entire company focuses on reviewing our existing safety practices and learning the latest in safety awareness.

Safety Week is a time we come together, recognize and celebrate our commitment to safety. This is a principled priority within our company. We conduct events designed to refocus and and redouble our efforts to mitigate risk across all areas of our practice. Our dedication to safety is an ongoing commitment to ourselves, our families, and our clientele.


Congratulations, Donaldson Interiors, Inc. for receiving the Certificate of Recognition by the United States Department of Labor.